Sunny Days Ahead.

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Outfit Details | Hat (J Crew, love this one), Top ( via Ambiance, a local SF boutique), Jeans (MiH), Necklace (Jennifer Zeuner), Shoes (Madewell), Earrings (J Crew Factory), Lipstick (MAC “Candy Yum Yum”), Sunglasses (Karen Walker).

As some of you have already heard, I am not the biggest hat person. I find that they tend to look weird on my head and it doesn’t help that I’m in a relationship with a guy that doesn’t like hats on women in general. However, my fair skin has definitely seen it’s share of sunburns over the years and, since I am now in my “mid-to late” twenties, I am wiser about sun exposure. If you ask my family and close friends, they would tell you that I have always been an avid sunscreen endorser (they get so annoyed with me nagging at them to slather on the SPF, but really, I’m just looking out for them). However, sunscreen doesn’t provide a nice shaded space for your face and shoulders. Last summer, I bought myself this fantastic straw hat from J Crew and I am so glad I have it. It really is the perfect hat to carry along to the beach, the pool, or to an outdoor party. The natural color ensures that you can wear it with everything and, once the summer actives begin, I typically do!

Also, you know I love a good wide leg jean. I have tried many brands but I find that MiH jeans typically fit me the best. The really hug the body without making you feel like you were stuffed into a pair of pants that don’t actually fit you. The denim is so soft that you could actually trick yourself into thinking you were wearing the most stylish sweatpants ever invented. Most gals who buy MiH jeans, especially these flared ones, find that they are way too long, but for a tall gal like me, they are perfect.

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