Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day
I’m going to be honest with you. I love Valentine’s Day. I know that this is pretty typical of most girls and probably doesn’t qualify as a true secret, but still, I wanted to share it with you. As a kid/teen/adult, I have always dreamt of having a secret admirer. You know, someone who slips a love note that is perfectly written just for you into your locker while you’re in class and may or may not ever reveal him or herself? So much mystery! I think I just wanted to feel like, amongst all the other girls in my life, I was special. With that said, I believe that any gifts shown above are bound to make someone feel pretty special on the day dedicated to love. As most of you know, pink is probably my favorite color, much to my seven-year-old-pink-hating self’s disgust. Sorry, seven-year-old self. People change! So, when there is a “holiday” that revolves around love and the colors pink and red, I am so in! As much as I love Valentine’s Day, I always feel like I find cute little gifts way too late and end up not giving anything at all. In an attempt to save you from this same fate, I scoured the internet for some fun gifts that you can give to your gals for Galentine’s day or that you can show to your significant other as a not-so-subtle hint. I would love to receive any of the gifts shown above and have a feeling you might be feeling the same way. Happy shopping, friends!


  1. Bumma
    February 7, 2014 / 6:26 am

    Nothing like reminders!!!! Very cute suggestions. Well done

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